We are from poland

As a team of dedicated professionals, we are committed to supporting car detailing studios by crafting a wide range of high-precision polishing products.

We provide a 2 years of warranty on all polishers. For professionals, we have special EVO+ program with possibility of extending the warranty up to 4 years


Our Vision

Evoxa’s vision is to become a leader in the market for polishing solutions, constantly delivering innovative products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We strive for continuous development and improvement of our offer, to enable our customers efficient and comfortable polishing. We want our products to be accessible to various industries and sectors, satisfying their specific needs. We believe that our hard work, commitment, and passion for creating excellent products will result in long-term success and recognition in the market

Our mission

Mission at Evoxa is to provide professional polishing solutions that meet the needs of various sectors – from detailing and painting, through carpentry, to companies polishing glass and composites. We are proud of our ever-growing product line, which began with three models of polishing machines and now includes 20 models. Our tools are ergonomic and quiet, providing a comfortable working environment, and our strong, professional engines, rotation stabilization with the Soft Start system, and branded NSK bearings ensure reliability.

In addition, our Sleeker-branded accessory line, including polishing pads, is highly appreciated by users for its quality, durability, and the effects that can be achieved with it. We offer a two-year warranty on our tools, even for professional use. In the EVO+ program we offer the possibility of extending the warranty.

Our products are created with professionals in mind and we guarantee that they will not be disappointed with our solutions